Inn·er Var·nika

/Country Victoria, within 3 hours from Melbourne/


  1. An independent music festival, Easter weekend, strictly limited to 1500 tickets.
  2. A three-day event dedicated to devoted music enthusiasts and artists whose only aim for the weekend will be to create a community of dancers whilst also providing a sojourn for the soul.
  3. Carefully selected international guests within a specially selected rural location, will steer and sound out a platform for catharsis and freedom of expression by way of some solid thump - a warm and very inviting thump, a soulful thump.
  4. Every aspect, from sound to setup will be thought out to ensure the festival is an all inclusive, environmentally neutral and a musically blissful affair.

Eg. "Dancing is an essential, elemental and a simply fundamental way of warming your Inner Varnika”


Albrecht La’Brooy [LIVE]

A couple of classically trained musicians from the Perth & Melbourne respectively, making big waves in our small town through both their improv based, hardware centric live sets, and impeccable record label, Analogue Attic. Two to watch for both now and well into the future.


Awesome Wales

Orca & Antonio, haling from Melbourne not Wales, form a formidable duo who eschew the predictable and present their picante selections with nothing but sway and flavour.



One of the originators behind Sound of Thought, Out of Focus and Inner Varnika. His musical repertoire is constantly changing and expanding much like his facial hair. Easily bored with stagnation, his sets strive to be wise and never lack imagination.


Crown Ruler

A collective advocating both the finest in parties and sounds — unearthing artists and records alike of the rare and obscure kind. Crown Ruler posses that ability to move bodies whilst also giving a history lesson in funk, soul and rare-groove.


Edd Fisher

Purveyor of all things refined in dance music, host of Tomorrowland on PBS and founding member of Wax’o Paradiso; Edd Fisher has been in a key figure in Melbourne’s scene, holding down residencies all over, keeping many a dancefloor cosy until the early hours.



Owner of an aura which vibes sweet, and selector of dub & reggae records which dive deep. Soul of the Melbourne institution “Alley Tunes”, the home of the true digger in the land down under.


Glyn Hill

Visionary explorer who at times even splits his persona to omit even more party vibes across his talented multi-self, including but not limited to Out of Focus, The Freeform Collective and Inner Varnika.



Melbourne electronic and post punk luminaries espousing the emotional underbelly of rhythmic industrial dissonance. Having strong ties with Finnish electronics mastermind Mika Vainio and the late and legendary Rowland S. Howard, the now duo of Jonnine Standish and Nigel Yang have managed to amass a near cult following for their mesmerising yet tragedy tinged aesthetic, which has become synonymous with HTRK. It’s truly an honour to have them on at IV this year, for what is sure to be a special live set.



Australia’s undisputed queen of groove and all things house, disco & funk related. Having just dropped her inaugural EP on Maurice Fulton's inimitable Bubble Tease Communications, straight up, she is one of the finest we have in this land down under, and to say we are excited to have JNETT with us this this year would be an understatement.


Laila Sakini

Possessing an ear for the tasteful and an ability to select for the most varied of contexts, Laila has been serenading and swaying Melbourne and London alike for the past 5 years whether it be at her Daycare parties, independent designers and galleries, NTS radio or Boiler room. We’ve been in love with her mixes for years - super pumped to have her down for her inaugural IV.



Out of focus and never one for politics, a hndsm fella who needs no introduction, he plays and people dance, all the time. Inner Varnika’s own.



A legend of the both the airwaves and dance floors, with sets encompassing the sweetest and deepest funk, soul, latin, african, disco and virtually everything else in between. To give you The Breakdown, Manchild is simply one of the best when he steps behind the decks.


Michael Ozone

Back for his third year running, we’re exited to have Melbourne’s Ozone down for the IV cause, bringing his obscure collection of rhythms and sounds out once more to the rocky plains. Home Loan Records head honcho and a damn exceptional producer in his own right. Repeat after him; ‘Enjoy your life!’



A deep digger and one of the founders of A Colourful Storm. Moopie has played at Dommune in Tokyo and made a mix CD for Jealous God. Undeniably one of Melbourne’s most dedicated selectors.


Noise In My Head

An institution of obscure beauties and a gifted selector with unrivalled taste, NIMH has sounded out his presence and unfurled a plethora of musical oddities within and outside of Australia over the last 10+ years via his legendary RRR turned NTS radio show, and recently birthed sibling label Efficient Space. We’ve been trying for years to get this man on the bill. This year is the year and we’re stoked.



A true slave to the dance floor, we welcome Ricci for his debut performance at Inner Varnika. With a focus on rhythm over melody and a staple of Melbourne imprint Steeplejack, you can be sure he will move you just right.


Sleep D [LIVE]

Frankston’s finest. Founders of the much coveted Butter Sessions label and hosts of the weekly Mania Parties, the duo possess a surplus of talent resulting in their live sets growing to a level of ill repute. Excited to have them on in a different vein this year.



True to the name, Unfettered does not care much for anything save for narrative, flow and the sound of thought emanating from considered selections. Though also known as DJ Regret on other airwaves.



An enigmatic underground dweller whose healthy disdain for industry norms and prescribed notions of dance is heard through his approach to body music and love of tobacco. A member of Sound of Thought and Inner Varnika, Wael moves floors in both the physical and emotional sense.


Wush & Herb Powers

Having listened and influenced each others’ tastes over the past 10 years, Wush & the Herb elicit most enjoyment from the non-dance, the freaky rhythmic and the ambient to which we will be again privileged enough to hear a slice of at IV.


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